Inline Controller

Inline Controller

The ILC 131 ETH modular small-scale controller for the Inline I/O system is at the heart of Easy Automation. The ILC 1X1 series is characterized by its support for the Modbus/TCP and PROFINET Ethernet-based protocols. A new feature is the support for an optional SD card.


Advantages :-
» Modbus/TCP-Client
» Numerous protocols supported such as: http, https, FTP, SNTP, SNMP, SMTP, SQL, MySQL, DCP, etc.

» Free engineering with PC Worx Express (IEC 61131-3)

» Program memory and mass storage (192 kB/192 kB)

» Modbus/TCP server

» HTML 5

» Integrated web server for visualization with WebVisit/atvise®

» Complete INTERBUS master (2048 I/O points).

» SD card up to 2 GB as optional plug-in parameterization memory.