RBO and RSC Connection Terminal Block

RBO Bolt connection terminal block

Bolt connection terminal block, Connection method: Bolt connection, Number of positions: 1, Cross section: 6 mm² - 150 mm², AWG: 10 - 300, Width: 41 mm, Color: gray, Mounting type: NS 35/7,5, NS 35/15

RSC Bolt connection terminal block

Feed-through terminal block with bolt connection method, cross section: 0.1 - 6 mm², AWG: 26 - 10, width 9 mm, color: grey.


Features :-

» Large-surface, consistent external and center labelling
» Mounting on standard DIN rails or directly in control boxes
» Compact screw connection of ring and fork-type cable lugs
» Screw nuts and current bars are latched in the insulating housing and cannot be removed
» Cover profile that can be snapped directly onto the terminal blocks provides touch-proof protection
» The isolator bridge bar supports switchable cross connections; the bridge screw therefore has the function of a live

contact Bridge shaft for potential distribution using standard screw bridges