Surge Arrester

Surge protection for the power supply
Type 2 surge arrester VALVETRAB MS (30/40 kA performance class)

» Multi-channel type 2 arrester Type 2 surge arresters with consistent plug-in design.
» Disconnect device on each individual plug Optical, mechanical status indication for the individual arresters.
» With or without floating remote indication contact.

» Mechanical coding of all slots.

» Plugs can be checked with CHECKMASTER.

Surge protection for the power supply with Safe Energy Control
Type 1 lightning arrester FLASHTRAB SEC HYBRID

» Integrated combination of spark gap without line follow current and surgeproof fuse.
» Can be used without separate backup fuse thanks to integrated overcurrent protection.
» Free of leakage current, suitable for use in the pre-meter area.

» Can be inserted with innovative push-pull locking mechanism.

» Low voltage protection level of 1.5 kV.

» Optical, mechanical status indicator.

» With floating remote indication contact.

Surge protection and interference suppression filters
Surge protection for MCR technology PLUGTRAB PT-IQ for one double wire and 2-wire

» Multi-stage status monitoring.
» Group indication via supply and remote signaling module.
» Multi-stage, floating remote signaling.

» System supplied via DIN rail bus.

» Up to 28 protection modules per supply module.

» Maximum ease of maintenance, thanks to the two-piece design.

» Plugs are coded.

» Impedance-neutral disconnection of plug for maintenance purposes.
» PT-IQ...-UT base element with screw connection technology.

» PT-IQ...-PT base element with push-in connection technology.

» Base element remains an integral part of the installation.

» Corresponding replacement plugs can be found on our website.

Surge protection and interference suppression filters
For Ethernet/PROFINET® networks as well as RS-232 interfaces

» Suitable for category 6 high-speed data Networks.
» Reliable transmission rates up to 10 Gbps.
» Protective adapter for eight signal paths via RJ45 connector.

» Can be installed in a control cabinet by removing a ground connection adapter.


» Suitable for category 5 data networks.
» Reliable transmission speeds up to 1 Gbps.
» Protective adapter for eight signal paths via RJ45 connector.


Protection for RS-232 interfaces DT-UFB-V24/S
» Connection: 9-pos. D-SUB and 25-pos. D-SUB.
» For data and handshake cables.


Pin assignment DT-UFB-V24/S-9-SB
» 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 Data lines.
» 5 Signal ground (ground).


Pin assignment DT-UFB-V24/S-SBSET
» 2,3,4,5,6,8,20,22 Data lines
» 7 Signal ground (ground).

Surge protection device


Surge protection in the one-piece 6.2 mm DIN rail module for two floating signal circuits in 2-wire technology. Tested according to the protection types in ex-areas Ex ia IIC/Ex iaD. HART-compatible.


Advantages :-
» Can be used in binary, analog, and intrinsically safe circuits
» Protection of up to four signal wires over a design width of 6.2 mm