CT for Retrofitting’s

CT for Retrofitting’s

Whether for a new installation or for quick and easy retrofitting: our current transformers offer a comprehensive product range for converting alternating currents up to 4000 A into low secondary currents. The current and voltage transducers can be used to convert direct, alternating, and distorted currents and voltages into a standard analog signal.

Advantages :-
» Easily retrofit current measuring technology, without having to remove system parts, with current transformers
   for retrofitting.
» Convert currents up to 4000 A with over 3000 window-type and winding current transformer versions.
» Precise mapping of small input current ranges using programmable AC/DC measuring transducers up to 55 A

» Measurement of high currents with any waveform, thanks to universal AC/DC measuring transducer up to 600 A

» Precise acquisition of sinusoidal alternating currents using adjustable AC measuring transducers up to 12 A that can
   be supplied flexibly.

» Convenient installation or retrofitting even when measuring distorted currents, thanks to hinged AC measuring
   transducer up to 400 A