Current Transducers

Current Transducers

MCR current transducers are available in two product ranges for universal current measurement: choose between adjustable devices for precise mapping of small measuring ranges up to 55 A or compact devices in graded measuring ranges for measuring high currents up to 600 A.

Advantages :-
» Suitable for every waveform thanks to true r.m.s. value measurement (TRMS)
» Lossless current measurement without shunt – using Hall sensor
» Optimum mapping of the measuring range up to 55 A, thanks to software-programmable upper and lower limits.

» Limit value alarm in the event of threshold value over range or under range up to 55 A – via relay or transistor output.

» Distributed current measurement up to 600 A using particularly compact devices with variable mounting options.

» Effective protection against disturbances, thanks to 3-way electrical isolation.