Phoenix Tools

Crimping Pliers


Crimping pliers, for ferrules without insulating collar according to DIN 46228 Part 1 and ferrules with insulating collar according to DIN 46228 Part 4, 4 mm² ... 10 mm², lateral entry, trapezoidal crimp.

Advantages :-
» All ferrules can be optimally crimped with a minimum amount of effort even in the case of large conductor cross sections.
» Consistently high crimping quality.
» Unlockable pressure lock.

» Marked die stations for precise processing of corresponding cross sections.

Cable Cutting Tool


Cable cutter, angled, for copper and aluminium up to 18 mm diameter (up to 50 mm²)

Advantages :-
» Ergonomic handle design to eliminate fatigue when working
» CUTFOX ... cable cutters for professional cutting results.
» All parts of the cable cutters that are subject to particular strain are tempered or specially hardened.

Stripping Tool


Stripping tool, for cables and conductors from 0.02 - 10 mm², self-adjusting, stripping length of up to 18 mm, cutting capacity of up to 10 mm² stranded/1.5 mm² solid, replaceable stripping blade.

Advantages :-
» Flexible, adjustable limit stop for the stripping length.
» Practical integrated wire cutter.
» WIREFOX ... stripping pliers feature an automatic adjustment mechanism for a wide range of different types of insulation and conductor diameters.

Cable Duct Cutter


For cutting plastic cable ducts, covers, and profiles, 45° limit stop also for bevel cuts, 75 mm cutting length.

Advantages :-
» Easy, burr-free cutting with minimum effort thanks to the special cutting geometry and optimum leverage.
» Non-slip ergonomic handle.
» 45° limit stop

» 75 mm cutting width

» With spring reset