Wireless Serial

Wireless Serial


Flexible, low-maintenance, and high-performance solution – you can also benefit from modern wireless technology in serial data transmission via RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 interfaces. The extensive portfolio from Phoenix Contact is sure to include the ideal solution for your application.


Advantage :-

» Reduced installation and maintenance costs by eliminating cables.

» Mobility for mobile or interchangeable automation components, thanks to wireless serial communication.

» No operating costs for transmission media, thanks to wear-free wireless technology.

» Quick and easy start up, thanks to user-friendly installation.

Wireless Multiplexers


With the Radioline I/O modules, the RS-485 bus coupler provides you with a multiplexer system specifically for process use. The special feature: easy I/O mapping using the thumbwheel and multi-point operation. Besides this, you can use the module as a Modbus slave station.


Advantage :-

» Easy startup thanks to I/O mapping by simply turning the thumbwheel.

» New options for I/O distribution with up to 99 stations in the bus system, thanks to multi-point multiplex operation.

» Expansion of the Radioline wireless system by a cable-bound line structure with up to 99 stations.

» Can be used on any controllers as Modbus/RTU slave