Visual Workplace Marking

Warning Message Tapes

» B-950 vinyl with permanent adhesive

» Colours sealed beneath protective layer of abrasion resistant clear vinyl.


Anti-Skid Floor Tape

» B-916 adhesive-backed polyester tape coated with aluminium oxide grit.

» Bonds permanently to clean, dry floors both indoors and outdoors.

Anti-Slip Hazard Marking

» Made of B-819 matte anti-slip over laminate.

Stripe Anti-Skid Tape

» Rugged B-916 adhesive-backed polyester tape coated with durable aluminum oxide grit is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Anti-Skid Hazard Cleats

» Durable grit-coated polyester diecuts

» Ideal for use on steps and in entryways

Heavy Duty Anti-Skid Tapes

» Aggressive adhesive withstands harsh elements such as oil, fuel and grease

» Durable “high slip resistance” with deeply textured silicon carbide grit.

» Ideal on loading docks, ramps and more.

Safety Track® Resilient Tapes

» Kinder, gentler product without sacrificing performance.

» Easily cleaned - can be mopped.

Anti-Skid Diecut Cleats

» Durable grit-coated polyester die cuts

Glow-In-The-Dark Cleats

» Durable B-916 grit-coated polyester die cuts offer photo luminescent safety marking.