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Why Lockout Tagout?
Lockout Tagout (Loto) is an important safety procedure-critical to safeguarding workers and employees around the machinery and equipment they operate, service and maintain. It is also a major OSHA-inspection focus. In fact , it remains one of the most cited violations for general industry even after 20 years in force. But, rather than focusing on the negative aspects of non-compliance and citations, focus instead on the benefits a thoroughly developed LOTO program provides:


Live Saved / Cut Costs / Improved Productivity / Best Practice



Cable Lockouts

Our cable lockout equipment is an easy-to-use multi-purpose energy isolation solution that is ideal for unusual devices that are difficult to lock using conventional means. The devices and tools available easily cinch cable in place to keep handles and/or valves locked in the OFF position, effectively isolating valves or electrical power handles. Lockout cables are available individually or in lockout tagout kits.


Electrical Equipment Lockouts

Our electrical lockout products will help you properly shut down electrical systems including: circuit breakers, push-buttons, rotary, wall switches, plugs and much more. These lockout options will help you avoid electrical accidents for industrial high voltage or low voltage applications.

Group Lockout Boxes

Group lockout boxes are a great solution for isolating energy points when a large team is working. Using a group lockout box allows you to dramatically reduce the amount of locks required on a job, limit weight on each energy point by eliminating hasps, and it provides a quick overview of who is still working without going to each energy point.

Lockout Cinch Bags

Lockout cinch bags are made of a rugged canvas with a drawstring that can be locked closed. They work well to transport lockout tagout equipment or as a lockout security bag

Lockout Tagout Stations and Lockout Tagout Kits

Lockout stations and kits are equipped with the tools you need to isolate mechanical and electrical control points. These stations are portable or static and work for just about any application.

Lockout Hasps

Lockout hasps are a valuable and convenient way to lockout an energy source ensuring that your worker's safety is never compromised. Our hasps are available in a variety of highly visible, labeled and nonconductive options. They are ideal for group lockout procedures and will help give your team the peace of mind that each energy source is properly isolated.

Lockout Tagout Tags,Labels and Signs

Lockout tagout tags, labels and signs will help you communicate safety and lockout information at the point of need. These tags, labels and signs come in a variety of materials and are available in OSHA-compliant Lockout/tagout (LOTO) formats. It is a great way to visually provide warnings and instructions for preventing unexpected machine start-ups, and alert equipment operators about proper lockout procedures during maintenance and repair.

Padlocks and Padlock Labels

Lockout tagout and padlock labels allow you to quickly id equipment, areas and padlocks with important lockout/tagout (LOTO) information. These are self-adhering high-performance labels that can withstand harsh environments. Lockout tagout and padlock labels improve worker awareness, preventing unauthorized access and unexpected machine start-ups.

Valve Lockouts and Hose Lockouts

Valve lockout devices shutoff many kinds of pressured valves including: ball valve, butterfly valve, cylinder valve, gate valve, plug valve and pneumatic. Adjustable and universal devices are available for additional flexibility.