Label Printer BMP®71

Thousands of applications.
Hundreds of Labels.
One Label Printer.

With more than 400 different label options, the BMP71 Portable Label Printer is Brady’s most versatile portable printer. This easy-to-use labeller can help you cut material waste, save label making time, and print crisp labels more efficiently than ever before.



Additional Printer Features

Text Options :
» Multiple Font Sizes

» Auto Sizing

» Superscript & Subscript

» Vertical Test

» Underline, Italics & Bold

» Expand & Condense


» Visual work Place

» Floor Labelling

» Equipment Labels

» Tamper Indicating Tape

» Vinyl Pipe Markers upto 2’’

» Glow in Dark signs

» Multiple Labels

» Patch Panels

» Arc Flash Labels