Spill Cleaning Products

Safety and Facility Identification

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Spill Containment

For a clean, safe and environmentally compliant workplace

Sorbents are products that are used to Adsorb/absorb liquids; including oil, petroleum based fluids, chemicals and water.

Safety and Facility Identification

Compared to Traditional Spill cleaning products such as Rags, Clay, Sawdust and Granular.

Sorbents offers the following advantages and benefits :-

» Easy clean-up, no mess.

» Fast absorption, less downtime.

» Absorbs more, hence use much less.

» Lower disposal costs.

» No damage to equipment.

» Superior chemical resistance.

» Pose no health hazard

» Safe & Environmental responsible (Incinerates to 0.02% ash)

» Class A Fire Retardant

What distinguished a good Sorbent :-

» Ab(b)sorption capacity

» Versatility

» User Friendliness

» Consistent Quality

» Limited waste

» Chemical resistance

» Overall cost