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Intelligent Motor Switching

Intelligent Motor Switching

Switch and reverse motors quickly and reliably with compact hybrid motor starters.

Do you need a modern motor control application that is robust, reliable, and durable? The CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters combine up to four functions in one device: motor starter, reversing function, motor protection against overload, and emergency stop. In addition to standard devices for parallel wiring, network-capable versions, which can be integrated into fieldbus environments, are also available.


Less space required, thanks to the slim design: 22.5 mm design width.
Easy wiring, thanks to integrated locking circuit, load wiring, and SmartWire-DTTM connection.
Service life is ten times longer, thanks to gentle switching with CONTACTRON hybrid technology.
Easy integration of the motor control application into conventional bus systems using IFS gateways.
Safe shutdown, thanks to integrated safety function up to SIL 3 and PL e